Next-Gen change how students get qualified for work

Next-Gen set to change how students get qualified and enter the world of work

Next-Gen set to change how students get qualified and enter the world of work

Press Release>Next-Gen set to change how students get qualified and enter the world of work

Oct 01, 2022 - DENMARK, VIETNAM - Next-Gen reveal their innovative and humanity-changing smart learning and career development platform that aims to address the problems in today’s educational system and give every child the right to education. Students can learn and get a job anywhere in the world as Next-Gen launches EduVerse to change education forever.

By: Next-Gen

Next-Gen is a smart learning and career development platform that goes far beyond any normal e-learning tool. The simplistic concept encompassing three main entities explains what is fundamentally missing in education today and therefore what Next-Gen are trying to achieve; to better connect the student, the educator (institutions), and the employer by providing the only ‘EduVerse’ infrastructure in the world where learners from any background truly get the chance of employment after they complete their course(s).

The innovative technology that surrounds and supports Next-Gen’s goals provides the right foundation for short course qualifications that lead to long-term career success, and more importantly, happy children and young learners who get the opportunity of safe and successful learning experiences.

Through DAO-based educational grants, Next-Gen will provide global access to global qualifications and also work to address the needs of neurodivergent students who don’t normally fit into the traditional education framework. By easing concerns such as lack of access, availability, and inclusion, Next-Gen aims to close the gap between the kind of education students receive and those they, their communities, and economies need. Technology is changing the job market at an exponential rate; the jobs of tomorrow are not taught in classrooms today.

Next-Gen will provide a symbiotic ecosystem that empowers all parties - students - educators - employers - to reach their potential in the world of work. Next-Gen’s platform will be for all individuals to turn their passion and dreams into meaningful qualifications and successful lives. 

Creator, Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen said, “With Next-Gen we aim to make a fundamental change to education and the job market. By giving people global access to acquiring the necessary qualifications, without financial limitations, we will make it possible for people to pursue their dreams and ensure long-term career success.”

About Next-Gen

Next-Gen are a team of parents, siblings, family members, and friends who personally understand the difficulties and the insurmountable mountains their kin must climb to gain relevant qualifications that lead to successful careers and to be happy whilst doing so. 

Next-Gen has partnered with the best and most serious fintech investors with good values - choosing Concordium ID Layer as their main partner to prevent the abuse of human beings' data and Cardano as the main partner for multiple proof models that are based on real-world use cases and not on greed-based linear tokenization.

The global partner network and leadership also include AesirX and R-Digital. Combined, Next-Gen has more than 25 years of leadership experience in developing IT business solutions, and more than 20 years of leadership in education.

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