We do what we do for a very good reason…

About Us

We do what we do for a very good reason…

Why we do what we do

A child’s right to education entails the right to learn. However, for far too many children throughout the world, schooling, at all levels of education, does not lead to learning.


This learning crisis has reached a worldwide scale; a shortage of skilled teachers, inadequate education resources, and bad infrastructure make learning difficult for so many children.

We do what we do for a very good reason…

While everyone should have the chance of an education worthy of any chosen career path, too many obstacles get in the way

Some are obvious, such as the inability to afford education or not being able to physically attend a school, while others are more subtle. For example, a shortfall of learners who feel isolated because they lack social and/or emotional characteristics for varying reasons, including Autism, ADHD, Asperger's and numerous other (diagnosed and undiagnosed) conditions on the Neurodiversity scale.


If students do manage to pass their courses, they don’t always get the career development support needed to take those next few steps into employment. This might be because qualifications are not recognized by the employee, or long academic tech qualifications that are recognized become out of date quickly for practical use or are not specific enough for employees to recruit on. There’s a lack of learned relevant skills that apply directly to job roles and qualifications don’t always lead to employment.


Without quality education and career development, students face significant challenges to employment and earning potential later in life. This impacts not just their own future but affects society as a whole.

Who we are

Our mission is to inspire all individuals to turn their passions and abilities into useful qualifications, successful jobs, and satisfying lives. Everyone should be able to pick a meaningful education and career pathway that will position them for lasting success and a place in the ‘World of Work’.


We’re a team of professionals from all walks of life who believe that we can help change how children learn so that they feel like they’ve had successful learning experiences. We’re a team of parents, siblings, family members, and friends who personally understand the difficulties and the insurmountable mountains our kin must climb to gain relevant qualifications that lead to successful careers and to be happy whilst doing so.

What we are

Next-Gen is a smart learning and career development platform. But it goes far beyond any normal e-learning tool. In fact, you can’t really compare because Nex-Gen is in a class of its own.


The innovative technology that surrounds and supports Next-Gen’s goals provides the right foundation for short course qualifications that lead to long-term career success.


The simplistic concept encompassing three main entities explains what is fundamentally missing in education today and therefore what we are trying to achieve; to better connect the student, the educator (institutions), and the employer by providing the only infrastructure in the world where learners from any background truly get the chance of employment after they complete their course(s).

How it works

How it works

  • The student decides what course they would like to study, for free.

  • They register securely using Web3 technology.
    (After registration, there’s a 1-click login option using Concordium technology).The student completes the course.

  • The student completes the course.

  • Each time they pass a course they will earn $NEXT.

  • The student can register their intent to work and/or complete another course.

  • Education, qualifications, and work experiences are recorded through Next-Gen.

  • Students can pay to have their profile assessed for jobs.

  • Screened for competence clarification for better jobs and more education.

  • Students can be rated as potential instructors.

  • The employer (businesses) register to the Next-Gen platform.

  • They pay a Partnership subscription to find qualified competency-tailored employees.

  • Employers search Next-Gen’s portal to match with a student/future employee. If they would like more qualifications, they can connect and request that the student completes further qualification/s.

  • Businesses can use Next-Gen to train their existing staff.

  • Businesses can also join our qualification knowledge center.

  • Exchange knowledge about the future needs in the world of work.

  • Employees can suggest new courses and be promoted to become instructors.

  • Businesses can be rated.

Educational Service Providers
  • The educational service providers register to the Next-Gen platform.

  • They pay a Partnership subscription to have their courses online and attract students and businesses.

  • They publish their online courses for students or businesses to enroll.

  • The institution can be rated.

  • Institutes can be nominated and awarded for best instructor award.

  • The instructor registers to the Next-Gen platform.

  • They pay a Partnership subscription to teach their courses online and attract students and businesses.

Let's tackle the education crisis.