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The future of education starts in the EduVerse

The future of education starts in the EduVerse

Next-Gen is a smart learning and career development platform empowering the Web3 revolution.


Our mission is to inspire all individuals to turn their passions and abilities into useful qualifications, successful jobs, and satisfying lives. Everyone should be able to pick a meaningful education and career pathway that will position them for lasting success and a place in the World of Work.

Learn what inspires you. Then inspire generations using your knowledge.

Learn what inspires you. Then inspire generations using your knowledge.

Addressing the financial limitations of education by offering DAO-based education grants in partnership with major industry players.

Global access to quality online education through smart learning and behavioral learning experiences. 


Short-term (verified and documented through blockchain) qualifications that are relevant to businesses, universally recognized, and which lead to employment.

Faster access for employers to recruit skilled workers, thus improving the global workforce.

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Why USE Next-Gen
Why USE Next-Gen

Next-Gen is providing the right foundation for short-course qualifications that lead to long-term career success

Online Education & Qualification Portal

Online Education & Qualification Portal

Booking and management platform with a full administrative interface.

Learning Management System Portal

Learning Management System Portal

Full LMS capabilities with additional behavioral learning experience.

Job Portal

Job Portal

Job seekers and employer portal with behavioral data.

Proof of Work History, Education & Qualification

Proof of Work History, Education & Qualification

Our 3 proof models ensure global credibility, work history, and proven skills.

GDPR Compliant Decentralized Storage

GDPR Compliant Decentralized Storage

Technology that ensures compliance with regulation.

Privacy-first Personal Data Storage

Privacy-first Personal Data Storage

Legal technical solutions that only ever protect & respect user's personal information.

Who we help?

Who we help?

  • Students
  • Educators
  • Educational Service Providers
  • Employers
  • Everyone wins

We give STUDENTS access to top-of-industry education and qualifications via online courses and learning management systems utilizing a special smart-learning approach and behavioral-learning-experience data to improve the results of education by ensuring students are really learning. This is the Next-Gen EduVerse!


Our short courses enrich knowledge and provide practical training that’s to the point and therefore leads to employment from companies that are wholly invested in candidates with the exact skills they are looking for. 


All education, qualifications and work history are documented through Next-Gen offering a 3-way model for verification and proof of achievements.


By ensuring global access and the validity of any qualification or education through Next-Gen, we will be able to resolve the problems of skills that lack education with documented work experience. 

We give EDUCATORS access to the EduVerse as individuals to teach classes online with subjects they master. Individual Educators can be used by Students, Educational Service Providers and by Employers to ensure the best quality and specialization of high-skill-based education.

The goal is to offer a global Next-Gen network of highly specialized Educators who are not traditionally working in the education industry to resolve the problems of access to qualified education. Our strong evaluation system ensures the best skills through grading and points. 

We give EDUCATIONAL SERVICE PROVIDERS a world stage in the EduVerse as an extension of their area of student admission. A new and improved infrastructure for Direct Impact Education where educational requirements are made relevant in relation to the individual student and companies.


Next-Gen is capacity building institutions’ knowledge management - aiming toward an improved infrastructure. That is, to grow students’ access to learning through technologies that promote faster learning and offer diverse training, only ever using accurate and up-to-date systems.

We give EMPLOYERS much faster access to graduates with carefully tailored competency profiles or support their needs with customized training courses. We aid business capability and streamline the knowledge capability in organizations with profile clarification.

Next-Gen is on a mission to build an all-inclusive workforce - the job market must be for everyone, therefore we are creating a framework for inclusion and commitment. The best brains for the best jobs.

We bring STUDENTS, EDUCATIONAL SERVICE PROVIDERS, EDUCATORS and EMPLOYERS together - within the EduVerse and through an optimized funding system and tiered rewards scheme. All four groups verify the value of each other through their individual roles and then a full DAO-based grant is released which can also include incentives and bonuses. For example, a student who hits their 1-year employment milestone at their company results in all four groups getting a reward.

How it works?

How it works?

  • Next-Gen goes beyond
  • Behavioral Experience and my Data
  • 3 Proof models to create a global infrastructure
  • Educational funding & DAO Grants

In the world as we know it today, many highly-qualified candidates or potential candidates for various technical positions are not actually “qualified” in the traditional sense. This is because they lack social and/or emotional characteristics, skills, knowledge, or capacity for varying reasons, including Autism, ADHD, Asperger's and numerous other (diagnosed and undiagnosed) conditions on the so-called Neuro Diversity Scale. 


We aim to utilize MetaVerse Technology to introduce a new form of social learning whereby students actively learn skills and competencies to better enable job applications and job progression. 


We also aim to add a more holistic approach on how to educate this special segment that holds the key to our future as the specialists we need for the further evolution of humankind.

We utilize behavioral data on the Web2 platform, in the Learning Management System, for example, when a student looks for a course or when an employer creates a new job in the job portal. 


This gives us the opportunity to segregate all personal data into Concordium ID Blockchain, and then we focus on the remaining data and how to objectively collect, enrich and process data based on anonymized data that will be aggregated and stored on the students’ NFT over their lifetime - giving full access to work globally as well as instant access to apply for jobs or even log in to a new job - if the NFT is qualified.

A Student goes to school and gets an education (in the primary educational phase of their life). Then the Educational Service Provider confirms that the student has finished their education with a specific grade - passed or not passed - based on the Educator’s assessment and scoring.


The student gets a job with an Employer and they verify that the student has the skills and competencies from their education as well as sound work experience over time.


There is no infrastructure in the world for this to happen globally and in a uniform way so that all Students, Educators, Educational Service Providers and Employers share the same global APIs to make it truly Decentralized, Open, Transparent and Secure. That’s why the future of education starts in the Next-Gen EduVerse!

Funding for education is different all over the world and often, access to education is very much limited by financial means. 


To resolve that, NEXT-GEN enables Employers to fund DAO Grants with specific purposes and specific goals to educate, leading to real jobs - in months.


Up to 98% of all funds for education go to the primary education phase, yet what we all need is lifelong learning - DAO Grants focus on Qualification after the primary educational phase and with the clear aim of always opening onto a job.


You evolve yourself and you get a job as a reward.

Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen
Next Gen
Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen
Creator, Next Gen

Next-Gen is one of those initiatives that is truly going to change the world by providing education to anyone with no financial limitations, and everyone benefits - students, educators, educational service providers, and employees.

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