Next-Gen and Concordium Launch World’s First EduVerse!

Concordium enters partnership with Next-Gen launching the world’s first EduVerse!

Concordium enters partnership with Next-Gen launching the world’s first EduVerse!

Press Release>Concordium enters partnership with Next-Gen launching the world’s first EduVerse!

1st October, 2022 - Switzerland, Germany, Vietnam - Next-Gen is announcing a partnership with Concordium to deliver world-class IT service and reshape education for students, educators, institutions and businesses.

Next-Gen will open up a decentralized platform for anyone who wants to enter the right job market, for businesses who want competent employees, and for educational institutions or educators who want to teach relevant, updated and meaningful curriculums. Next-Gen’s platform will be for all individuals to turn their passion and dreams into meaningful qualifications and successful lives.

Through DAO-based educational grants, Next-Gen will provide access to global qualifications and work to address the needs of neurodivergent students. By easing concerns such as lack of access, availability, and inclusion, Next-Gen aims to close the gap between the kind of education students receive and those they, their communities and economies need. Education is a global necessity, in particular due to technology changing the job market, at an exponential rate. The jobs of tomorrow are not taught in the education of today. Next-Gen will provide a symbiotic ecosystem that empowers all parties to reach their potential in the world of work. 

Using Concordium’s unique blockchain technology, which balances privacy with accountability, will ensure that everyone in the world can use Next-Gen as an open decentralized infrastructure. This includes SSO solutions, with an ID layer at the protocol level, validated by a third party, which allows people and companies to trust one another while remaining private with zero-knowledge proof.

The partnership with Concordium will allow Next-Gen to ensure privacy, security, ease-of-use, and compliance for its partners and users, while coordinating with global educational institutions to implement a curriculum and qualifications framework for lifelong learning.

Lars Seier Christiensen, from Concordium, says: “In my view, the number one focus area to improve the world is education. The second most important is for young people to deploy their education through a meaningful job, where they can gain an income, experience and network to continuously improve their life. So I am delighted for Concordium to partner up with Next-Gen, which has exactly these two focus areas. There is a big lack of inclusion when it comes to education globally, and together we can improve this in a safe and trustworthy environment. For me, this is what blockchain is all about, improving life conditions and including more people in the economy in meaningful ways.” 

And Creator, Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen from Next-Gen echoes him, saying: “We are very happy to announce our partnership with Concordium and look forward to utilizing the Concordium ID Layer to protect students, educators and businesses against abuse of their data, in the fight for privacy. Concordium is focused on delivering decentralization and security within their blockchain, while achieving regulatory compliance. We believe in the Concordium values and see them as an ideal partner for this journey”.

About Concordium

Concordium is a permissionless layer 1, science-backed blockchain, designed to balance privacy with accountability through its ID layer and the use of Zero-knowledge proofs.

Creating trust with ID is a key to the mass migration of web2 to web3 and beyond.

For DeFi, metaverse players, and gamers, it provides a fast, secure, and highly capable platform that makes building and using dApps a simpler, more accessible task. Concordium differs by having the third party verified ID, by offering nearly instantaneous, real finality which hinders roll-back of transactions and offers  low transaction fees, stable in FIAT terms and a large throughput.
With leadership from Volvo, IKEA, Credit Suisse, Uber the team is now scaling the chain to its extensive network of the world's biggest enterprises. For more information:

About Next-Gen

Next-Gen is a smart learning platform for career development that will allow anyone to enter the right job market through short-course qualifications. Using our Online Education and Qualification Portal, we will introduce students and applicants to businesses with competency profiles that match their needs. Next-Gen’s Proof of Work, Education and Qualification models will provide global credibility of your work history and your skills and ensure compliance with regulations. Next-Gen educational platform is working with the latest smart learning technologies as well as metaverse integration to truly create the next generation in education. Next-Gen global partner network and leadership includes AesirX and R-Digital. Combined Next-Gen has more than 25 years of leadership experience in developing IT business solutions, and more than 20 years of leadership in education.